Move Over Cruise Lanyards, Bracelets are the New Chic

Cruise tip: if lanyards aren’t your thing, maybe a beaded bracelet could be.  The bracelet option is convenient for getting on and off the cruise ship, stylish for handing to the bartender after ordering a sidecar, and compact enough to throw in a small clutch when not wearing.  I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here, so instead of beading my own bracelets, I buy them already strung up on elastic or wire.  If you can find one (or a multi-pack!), the only other supplies you’ll need are lobster claw clasps small split rings.  Grab a glass of wine and let’s do this!




Think about what will you be wearing on your cruise, and which bracelet (or bracelets) would match most of your outfits.  There are so many color options out there, but I usually stick to neutral to minimize packing weight.  Options are good, so it’s totally up to you.  Maybe bring a backup in case one snaps or you want to use one for casual and one for formal.




Here’s the easy part: attach lobster claw clasp to split ring to bracelet.  Yeah…it’s that easy.




You don’t even need a hole punch because you can have someone at check-in or at the casino punch your card for you.  But if you have one and prefer to punch your own (I know people who do), remember to punch somewhere along the edge of the card, and not on a bar code or the magnetic strip.  Remember, it is used as a credit card and on some cruise ships it is needed to turn on the lights in staterooms.  I’m using a hotel card below as an example.









Where will you take your bracelet?  Or rather, where will your bracelet take you?



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  1. choogie says:

    So so cool and clever! Before my next cruise I will definitely do this, thanks for the great idea and instructions!

    1. Sheila says:

      Thank you! I think you’ll really enjoy it. Have a great time!

  2. Barbara says:

    Does it ever feel like it’s in the way on a bracelet?

    1. Sheila says:

      Not more than a charm bracelet or tassel necklace would, but I only wear it around the ship when I know it’ll be used (getting on/off ship, going to dinner and ordering wine, shopping). I keep it in a cross body bag when not in immediate use and never out and about on excursions (which is the quickest way to spot a tourist).

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