Wine Cork Mouse Ears (DIY)

How can you publicly display your Disney pride AND love of wine while coordinating with a casual chic outfit?  DIY custom wine cork Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears, of course!  Until recently, I hadn’t visited a Disney park in over 20 years.  So while on a recent trip to Disney World for Epcot International Food and Wine Festival (and Wine and Dine Half Marathon), I noticed grown adults wearing mouse ears around the parks.  Wait…this is a thing?!




After spending an entire day hopping from Universal Studios to Magic Kingdom, I made the courageous decision to purchase some fabulous sequined Minnie Mouse ears and customize them for the next park visit.  Here’s how I made two pairs of mouse ears in about an hour…

Only a few household items (in my house, anyway) were needed:

  • Mouse ears
  • Wine corks
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • One 12×12 burlap scrapbook sheet (or something porous to use as a cork base)




First, I traced a mouse ear, then cut just inside the outline.  This was the “pattern” (think: sewing) for all four ears.  I used the pattern to cut four ears in the burlap.




Next, I soaked wine corks in super hot water for 10 minutes to soften them enough to cut them in half without hating life, wood, and my wrists.  I needed about 24 cork halves for four ears (12 corks).




The fun/tedious/frustrating part was playing Tetris with the wine cork halves to completely cover the burlap ears.  I used hot glue liberally to hold those babies down.  Then I used strong shears to trim the excess cork around the edges of the ears.  Okay, these are adorable.




An optional step was to spray the cork ears with glitter…well, I did mention they would be fabulous earlier!  A couple coats of opalescent glitter gave the corks a subtle sparkle that complimented the sequins.  And glitter just makes everything better.




And finally, I permanently attached each cork ear to the mouse ears one with rows of hot glue.  Done!




We went forth, we were merry, we rode rides and drank wine and tasted fun foods from around the world…and the ears were a huge hit.  Will you be wine cork mouse ear friends with me?




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