T. Rex Shenanigans

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My name is Sheila and I’m a T. Rex.  Now that that’s out in the open, let me just tell you how fun it is to channel my inner 10 year old in an inflatable T. Rex suit.  It all started at a birthday dinner for a friend.  I was shopping on Amazon on my phone and needed to spend $13 more in order to get free shipping.  So under the influence of wine, sushi, and six other silly girls, I dropped that $100 T. Rex suit (Inflatable T-Rex Costume) in my shopping cart and didn’t look back.  The math checks out, right?  Well it sure did when I was drinking wine!  My running partner ordered one too, and we became a force to be reckoned with.




During the summers, Houston Museum of Natural Science hosts Mixers & Elixirs, an after business hours cocktail party where people can dance under the dinosaurs. I felt like this would be a great party to crash…in T. Rex suits. Because I’m a 10 year old.  Oh and we crashed that party like we were meant to be there. We danced, took selfies with people, and danced some more. I guess we did ok and didn’t break anything, because museum personnel invited us back to future parties, and gave us a private room to change and take breaks in. We had so much fun we gladly accepted. We also wore the T. Rex suits to Comicpalooza in Houston, but to be honest, didn’t have as much fun. I’m sure that has nothing to do with my kid allergy…




So as we prepared for the next Mixers & Elixirs, several of our friends (ironically, also all geoscientists like us) purchased T. Rex suits. Our T. Rex team of two became a squad of six! We had to have several handlers, because visibility is limited with all the sweat and condensation in the suit, and different colored bow ties so that the handlers could tell us apart.




So Mixers & Elixirs happened again two more times over the summer. We danced, danced, and danced! We also had a laugh by the fire, chased wildlife, took photos with party girls (who probably thought we were all dudes judging by all the grabbing and kissing that happened), and plotted to take over the world one party at a time.  BEST $100 EVER SPENT.






Our next “appearance” will be Wicked Wine Run Houston next month. We’re really looking forward to wine tasting and dancing to a live band after the run/walk. If you happen to see us out, here are a few rules of engagement (or etiquette, if you will):
  1. Please don’t hump or hug us, we deflate easily, and it takes several minutes to air back up again (plus the humping thing is just rude)
  2. Please don’t kick us (this applies to that one dude bro at the museum who soccer kicked our only male T. Rex)
  3. Please watch out for our tails (see number 1 above)
  4. Please don’t slap our T. Rex faces (it causes the sweat that condensates on the inside of the suit to spray us back in the face, and that’s just gross)
  5. Please don’t give your babies to us (we have tiny arms and can’t see very well)
  6. Don’t be afraid to buy us a cold beverage (it’s REALLY hot in those suits, like our own personal greenhouse)
And finally…
  1. No high-fives, only low-fives (see number 5 above)