Oktoberfest at Texas Renaissance Festival: What We Wear

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Remember when I told you that beer, brats, and boobs are highly celebrated at Oktoberfest in Texas and What to Wear?  Well my squad and I got all dolled up for Texas Renaissance Festival in traditional Bavarian clothing last year and celebrated the three B’s as if it was our duty!



My beautiful girlfriends found their dirndls on Amazon and I’m sharing the links below (with an exception of my dirndl on the far right, which I purchased from an online German retailer specifically for a wedding reception I attended in Nieste, Germany last year).  The dirndls from Amazon are just as legit, but far more affordable.  Why don’t you join us next time!



Reminder: be sure to check out my Do’s and Don’ts with respect to Traditional Bavarian attire for Oktoberfest, particularly skirt length.  Midi length is King Queen!  If you still choose a short skirt and I see you…I will judge you.  Besides, you need to show off the features that really matter…your beautiful eyes!  *wink*



Here, my lovely Irish friend Jenni is sporting a deep emerald green and black dirndl (Bavarian Women’s Midi black/green Dirndl dress 3-pieces with apron and blouse).  It really brings out her (you guessed it) eyes!



And this sweet delicate flower (who will happily stab you if you touch her things), Katy, is wearing a sage green and brown 3-piece dirndl with a lace apron but it is currently unavailable.  I’ve included links below if you’d like something similar.



And this fiery Scottish doll, Brooke, is wearing a black dirndl with light blue apron, trim, and embroidery (Gaudi-leathers Women’s 3-piece Light Blue/Black Dirndl Embroidery).  The blue really compliments her gorgeous hair!



Yours truly is wearing a pricey dirndl from Germany, but were I to buy again for occasions when I don’t really care about beer and mustard stains, I’d really like this black/purple dirndl with lace apron: Bavarian Women’s Midi black/purple Dirndl dress 3-pieces apron blouse.  Oh screw it, it’s going on my wishlist…



My husband’s outfit was also bought from an online German retailer but if he decides to have a second outfit for care-free shenanigans, this complete outfit would be perfect: German Bavarian Oktoberfest Trachten Lederhosen Complete Outfit.



Here are a few more beautiful options (remember: midi length):





Complete the look with a homemade flower crown (see my how-to here).  If you see us around, come say “hi” and have a great time at Oktoberfest!  Prost!


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  1. Miranda says:

    I love these so much! Now I know who I need to do RenFest with. 🙂

    1. Sheila says:

      Any time!! I have a few weekends already on the books for this season. Let’s coordinate!

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