Ghosts of Costumes Past: DragonCon 2016

Every year during Labor Day weekend, I attend DragonCon in Atlanta, one of the largest pop culture conventions in the United States.  While it’s not the largest and the most widely known, it is my version of a costuming Super Bowl.  So as DragonCon approaches and I take a teeny tiny break from the frantic scramble to finish costumes and props, I want to take a look back at what I (including my husband and niece) have worn in prior years, starting with last year.



I don’t always over-pack, but when I do, I’m heading to DragonCon.  This last year was no exception!  In fact, I think I brought the most costumes in 2016 compared to prior years.  While I can manage to only need a small carry-on for a two week trip to Europe, I looked like I’m practically moving to Atlanta when I check in at the airport.  I brought seven costumes for four days!



DragonCon 2016 Costume Schedule

Thursday Evening – Claire & Frank from Outlander (Season 1)

Friday Day – Pilots from Battlestar Galactica

Friday Evening – Queen Gorgo and a Senator from 300: Rise of an Empire

Saturday Morning (Parade) – Queen Gorgo and a Senator from 300: Rise of an Empire

Saturday Day – T. Rex

Saturday Evening (Aquarium) – Ursula, King Triton, and Hipster Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Sunday Day – Das Sound Machine from Pitch Perfect 2

Sunday Evening – Jareth (Goblin King Queen), Sarah, and Toby from Labyrinth



Claire & Frank from Outlander (Season 1)

I am OBSESSED with Outlander.  I’ve read all the books, rewatched the available seasons, and have been building an 18th century wardrobe like a mad woman.  This ensemble worn on Thursday evening last year at DragonCon is the first variation (of many) from Claire’s season 1 (in Scotland) outfits that I’ve been building.  Wool…in Atlanta…in the summer…what was I thinking?  I hadn’t finished my husband’s Jack Randall costume (oh, it’s finished now!) at the time, so at least he was comfortable.  If you’d like to see the costume build on this version of Claire, you can find it here.  I’m bringing this back to DragonCon this year, but with cooler accessories (so I can breathe), and my husband will be wearing his Red Coat.



Pilots from Battlestar Galactica

Talk about looking like we’re about to drop a hot album!  My friends and I wore ultra comfortable pilot costumes from the Battlestar Galactica remake, and took some fun pictures down in the Marta station on Friday during the day.  We had so much fun we’re doing it again this year, and with a larger group.  Just wait for THAT album to drop!  If you’d like to see the build on this easy costume, you can read it here.



Queen Gorgo and a Senator from 300: Rise of an Empire

Last year on Friday evening and on Saturday morning in the parade, I marched with the 300dc Spartans as Queen Gorgo from the final battle scene in 300: Rise of an Empire.  And my husband dressed as a senator from the first 300 film.  I made the black dress but I’m wearing borrowed armor, so after I make my own set of armor (though it probably won’t look as good as the set made by Wags), I’ll post the costume build here.  But, you can find my husband’s senator costume build here.  I didn’t get many photos of us in these costumes, but Peter Airborne Photography and Darkstar Photography & Costuming did!  We’re marching with the group again this year, but I’ll also be wearing my new Artemisia costume Saturday morning for the parade, and my husband is marching as an Athenian.  If you see us, say “hi!”



Here’s Queen Gorgo and an Immortal demanding pizza with swords after the parade.  Give us carbs!



T. Rex

Have I mentioned how much I love surprise T. Rexing?  After the parade (and pizza) on Saturday, we crashed a pool party in our T. Rex suits.  While the suits are usually very hot to wear, we were surprisingly pleasant because we were wearing bikinis underneath, so we were able to shed the dino suits and cool off in the pool.  Ahhhhh…..



Ursula, King Triton, and Hipster Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid

We thought it would be appropriate (and kitschy) to wear sea themed costumes to DragonCon’s Night at the Aquarium on Saturday night, so my husband and I wore our Red Carpet Ursula and King Triton, and my niece wore Hipster Ariel.  Sure was nice being in that strong air conditioning and not sweating off all my body paint!  If you’d like to see the costume build of my Ursula, you can find it here.



Das Sound Machine from Pitch Perfect 2

Das Sound Machine is one of my favorite costume ensembles from one of my favorite films, Pitch Perfect 2.  Easy to make (I made all six of these!), comfortable to wear, and not too hot for Atlanta.  Which is why I’ve worn it two years in a row, and most likely to the premier of Pitch Perfect 3 later this year.  We had so much fun running around the host hotels and taking these pictures at DragonCon last year, including copying the Princess Leia poolside pose.  Oh, and if it looks like we’re judging you, we are.



Jareth (Goblin King Queen), Sarah, and Toby from Labyrinth

My biggest and best costume reveal at DragonCon last year was our Labyrinth trio.  I made a feminine (sort of) version of Jareth the Goblin King, my husband wore Sarah’s super tacky 80’s vest, and our niece wore Toby (the baby…but grown-up, obviously).  I am in LOVE with this Jareth costume and will happily wear it again.  If you’d like to see the costume build for all three of us, you can read it here.  Also found on the web: a flattering compliment on my Jareth costume on Epbot (scroll to the bottom…and I love you too…*blush*).



Coming soon…Ghosts of Costumes Past: DragonCon 2015!

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  1. These were SO much fun to look at! I can’t wait to see everything you do this year.

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      Thank you, Miranda! I’ve counted 10 costumes for DragonCon this year…WHAT was I thinking?! LOL

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