Costuming Pilots from Battlestar Galactica

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Yeah, I know, I’m a little behind the Battlestar Galactica curve.  For years I refused to give the show a chance thinking it too serious, even though I watched the original as a child.  Once I finally got talked into watching it in exchange for a friend giving in and watching The X-Files, I became one of those junkies that refused to function or bathe until I watched the entire series.  And I saw the potential to wear a casual, comfortable costume that doesn’t include a corset, body paint, and 4 skirts (not that that’s a bad thing).  Like my Scully costume, BSG pilots were easy to put together and required few modifications.




From head to toe, here’s what was assembled:


Anovos Double Tank

Custom Galactica crew tags, full size or smaller

Rothco R/S Long BDU Pant, Olive Drab (modified, see below)

Military web belt with open faced buckle, both black (Black Military Web Belt With Black Open Face Buckle)

Black combat boots




The bare minimum modifications required to turn surplus BDU pants into BSG pilot pants is to remove the standard issue belt loops and add wider ones.  Since I ordered long pants, I needed to remove fabric from each pant leg (and hem).  I used this extra fabric to make 4″ wide belt loops like the pants worn in the show.  I added a belt loop on each side front, and one in back center.  It took maybe an hour to  modify three pairs of pants (me, my husband, and said friend who’s responsible for my hermit lifestyle while I gorged myself on episode after episode after episode of BSG).  I loved wearing this costume and can’t wait to wear it again!


My husband and I with Tony Adama at AllCon in Dallas, March 2016


Good hunting!