Carry-On Wine Corkscrew: A Travel Necessity

Those who spend any time with me know that I always have a corkscrew on me (emergency wine drinking, duh).  And because I got tired of buying a corkscrew whenever I got to my destination when traveling, I now always pack a special TSA-compliant corkscrew that doesn’t need to be checked and won’t be confiscated by TSA.  It’s also nice to have a corkscrew in the stateroom of cruises for any wine brought onboard.  I’ve made these corkscrews available to Red Shoes. Red Wine. readers to purchase, and any profits made from the sale of these corkscrews will help offset costs of running this blog.  So I’m not trying to make a quick buck, I just think these are neat as heck.



Fun Facts

My Carry-On Corkscrew has two cutting wheels, as opposed to a blade (the blade is the part of a corkscrew that isn’t allowed in carry-on bags).  This wine drinking traveler’s wingman also has a double hinge for easier bottle leverage, which is the preferred design for those in the restaurant industry.  And my Carry-On Corkscrew is smaller and lighter weight than the Boomerang Corkscrew you might find in most winery tasting rooms.  Small but fierce!



Popping Bottles

Opening a bottle of wine with my Carry-on Corkscrew is just as easy as a opening with a traditional corkscrew, as my husband demonstrates below.  Look at that leverage action!



Packing Tips

TSA agents will want to confirm the corkscrew doesn’t have a blade, so I would highly recommend packing it with your liquids so they can easily see it without needing to unpack your entire carry-on to find it.  Mine lives in my toiletry bag for this reason.  If you have TSA PreCheck and don’t need to pull out liquids, I would recommend packing it in a front zipper pocket of your carry-on where you can get to it easily.  Trust me, they will want to see it.



If you were to take my corkscrew with you on your global adventures, I’d be super happy!  It would be aaaaaaaaaaaaalmost like I’m there with you.  Just make sure you at least send pictures (or tag #redshoesredwine in your photos) so I can feel like I’m there having a glass of wine with you!  To purchase a corkscrew, send an email to or fill out the form below and I will send a PayPal invoice to you within 24 hours for $12.00 (now $10.00) plus the cost of USPS shipping (varies by zip code, but shipping one corkscrew from Houston to Omaha for example is ~$3) and will be shipped the following business day.  Please include quantity desired and shipping zip code when emailing.  Thank you in advance for supporting Red Shoes. Red Wine. and happy traveling!




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