Wine Label Mache: Stickers for Adults

I hoard the oddest things.  Unused wine labels are one of the things I collect and tuck away for some unknown use in the future.  Last month at French Country Wines in Houston during National Rose Day, I was inspired by a wine label covered pup in their winery.  Finally, something I can use wine labels for.  Here’s the inspiration piece:




Supplies were simple: paper mache deer head and paper mache anchor from Hobby Lobby, small mirror as a “deer head mount”, E6000 glue, and a large stack of unused wine labels.  Oh, and a rubber band.




I used the back labels as fillers around corners and tips, then covered and recovered and recovered the rest with front labels until I liked the balance of color, contrast, and images.  The wine labels didn’t stick very well to the paper mache, but they stuck to each other just fine.




For the deer head mount, I used a rubber band to hold it in place overnight while drying.  The next morning, that baby was ready to hang!






Final thoughts: sticking wine labels on the deer head was easy but the anchor was more difficult because of the sharp corners and small curves.  In the future, I’ll use something larger and more rounded.




Happy sticking!