Wine Barrel Bed for a Little Dog in a Big Dog’s Body

On impulse, I bought a quarter wine barrel at Wimberly Winery, a winery in the Texas Hill Country.  Sure, most people would plant something in it, but I felt like it was a good size for a dog bed.  We already have a wine barrel bistro table that I made from a Becker Vineyards barrel, so the dog bed would be refinished to match the table.




Before spending time refinishing something the dogs wouldn’t lay in, I put it in the living room with some pillows as bait.  Sure enough, Ginger climbs right in and curls into a ball (like a cat).  Ok Ginger, I’ll fix it up for you.




Gathering supplies, I purchased two pine rounds (24″ for the base and 18″ to hold the barrel in place), wood glue, Rust-oleum textured black spray paint, Minwax PolyShades in Honey, painter’s tape, wooden table feet, and brackets.  I glued the smaller round to the larger one and let dry overnight.  I also stained the feet and barrel and let dry overnight.  I did not stain the inside of the barrel, as the red wine staining already added charm.




Taping the wood on the barrel was the most time consuming part of the process, but once it was taped I spray painted the metal rings black.  I also spray painted the bottom pine round (the small round would be covered by the barrel).




After everything was dry, I installed feet brackets, screwed in the feet and added felt pads.




Finally I set the barrel on the base, added 2 large square pillows.  I had considered making a round pillow for the bed, but Ginger seemed to like the square pillows just fine.




Whatever makes you happy, Ginger.