What’s in My Bra?

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: one of life’s great mysteries revealed…what’s in my bra!  Some (maybe most) women hide things in their bra.  Phone, ID, money, keys, granola bars, etcetera.  You just never know what we’re packing.  So as a runner, I use these “built-in pockets” to store essentials for before and during races.


Photo: Moving Comfort Maia sports bra from Brooks


As I mentioned before in my gear review, I wear Moving Comfort Maia sports bra from Brooks.  It’s a two-in-one with an under-wire (read: pockets!!!).


Photo: Moving Comfort Maia sports bra from Brooks


Let me repeat: POCKETS!!!  When I’m gearing up for a race, I start shoving things into my bra like I’m robbing a sport’s store.  I run my earbuds from my Spi-Belt up my bra to my ears, put lip balm in my cleavage, Clif Shot Bloks underneath the girls (10k and up), and on the outside of each aforementioned girl a serving of Sport Beans (5k and up) and a packet of mustard (half-marathon and up).  I used to look forward to bystanders handing out salt packets at half marathons, but that’s sporadic and I was recently told that mustard is the new salt (a mustard packet won’t get sweat soaked).  Stop laughing, I’m being serious.




Genius, right?  So what do you hide in your bra?