Visiting Oak Alley Plantation near New Orleans

Usually when I visit New Orleans (read about highlights here), I drive there from Houston.  An easy detour on the way there or back is a stop at one of Louisiana’s iconic plantations, Oak Alley Plantation.  This antebellum plantation, featured in Interview with a Vampire, is as lovely in person as it was on film.  Take a step back in time with a few of my pictures below:



Guided tours of the Big House are available, as well as access to 25 acres on the property (including Confederate Commanding Officer’s tent, blacksmith shop, gift shop, and restaurant.



THE most stunning attraction on the property and the number one reason I visit is the rows of Live Oak trees lining the walk from the house to the Mississippi River.  These trees weren’t just planted for aesthetics, they actually provide a natural flow of air from the river to the house, which was absolutely critical in cooling the house before the days of air conditioning.  Almost 200 years after their planting, they are as wide as cars and broader than some homes.



Also on the property are other southern plants such as ferns, elephant ears, and crepe myrtles.  One could visit the property and not even step foot in the house.



And if there isn’t enough creole/cajun cuisine in New Orleans, Oak Alley Restaurant has some tasty dishes from gumbo to shrimp creole to po-boys.



Have you visited Oak Alley or another plantation in the area?