• Costuming
  • Sewing 18th Century Pockets

    When I made my Claire from Outlander (Season 1) costume last year, I didn’t include pockets in the skirt.  Pockets make every outfit magical, from 18th century on.  So rather than adding the pockets in the skirt I so desperately coveted, I decided to make a set of traditional 18th century pockets that could be […]

  • Adventures
  • What’s in My Bra?

    Ladies and gentlemen, behold: one of life’s great mysteries revealed…what’s in my bra!  Some (maybe most) women hide things in their bra.  Phone, ID, money, keys, granola bars, etcetera.  You just never know what we’re packing.  So as a runner, I use these “built-in pockets” to store essentials for before and during races.     As […]