• Entertaining
  • Champagne Jell-O Shots: Sidecar Cocktail

    I rarely drink anything other than wine.  I like scotch on occasion, but my go-to cocktail is the sidecar.  This brandy/cognac based cocktail originated some time in the 1920s during Prohibition.  Rather than just order sidecars at bars, I sometimes ask “can you make a sidecar?” and heavily scrutinize the bartender’s reaction.  Most bartenders immediately […]

  • Crafts
  • Camera Strap Cover (DIY)

    Off the rack camera straps are so last year.  When I got a new camera and couldn’t find a Coach or Vera Bradley strap cover for the Nikon, I was inspired by Pinterest to make my own moderately fashionable camera strap cover.  I have plenty of scrap fabrics from previous projects (GoT dress and dog Derby […]

  • Crafts
  • Painted Rock Magnets (DIY)

    What on earth are you going to do with all those silly little pebbles you and your kids pick up on vacation?  Might I suggest turning those natural souvenirs into fridge magnets to enjoy daily.  Here’s what you’ll need:   Rocks (look for at least one flat side) E6000 adhesive High magnetic strength ceramic magnet discs […]

  • Camping & Hiking
  • Campside Chicken Arrabbiata

    Arrabbiata is a spicy tomato sauce with garlic and peppers and literally means “angry” in Italian.  I’ve made it at home from scratch and from a jar, and think its delightful paired with Chianti.  From my experiences with Becoming an Outdoors Woman and my love for Pinterest, I’ve been inspired to cook real food campside.  […]

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  • Chocolate: The Perfect Garnish

    I’d like to go back in time and thank whoever discovered chocolate.  It goes with everything!  Inspired by Pinterest and my dearest crafty friend, Joanna (Chowda), I started dipping glasses in various types of chocolate to pair with wine and cordials.  Preparation is surprisingly simple, whether you’re planning a party or just a night at home […]