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  • Costuming a Barbarian at Texas Renaissance Festival

    Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF for short) runs every year during October and November in Todd Mission, Texas (just north of Houston).  There is something for everyone!  Costuming, jousting and other shows, shopping for handcrafts, festival eating, people watching, and wine/mead drinking.  As a casual costumer, I try to play along with their themed weekends (Oktoberfest, […]

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  • OMG I Love That Skirt!

    I am not a fashion blogger.  Quite the opposite, actually.  I am fashion challenged, socially awkward, and cheeky.  So I’m always shocked when I get compliments on my skirts, which happens all the time.  Me?  Seriously?  Okay, I can roll with this…  I started buying novelty skirts on Amazon and Etsy as my own personal approach […]