Tactical Wine Drinking: Judge-Free Day Drinking

Tired of side-eye glances from judgey (read: jealous) people while you stroll around with a glass of wine on your day off?  Yeah, me too.  While it’s perfectly acceptible to day drink after a big race, at a renaissance festival, or pretty much any situation involving travel…what about the rest of the time?  Like vacation, staycations, walking the dog after a crappy work day, or hanging out with family?  “They” judge.  You can’t change “them.”  But you can conceal like a boss.






There are some common drinking vessels on the market that somewhat conceal your wine, albeit kitchsy.  I really enjoy travelling (especially cruising or camping) with the wine sippy cup.  But yeah, it’s pretty obvious what’s in the cup.  I also have one of those popular “there’s wine in here” mugs, but I usually only eat soup out of it at work.  Because I’m snarky.




Recently I’ve discovered lidded coffee cups for stealthy day drinking.  Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.  And nobody EVER gives a second thought to a coffee cup.  I’ve been known to imbibe during conferences and even shopping…in plain sight!




Because I’m super snarkly and bite my thumb at social norms, I purchased a few plastic (reusable, yay!) coffee cups on Amazon and added vinyl emojis and #tacticalwinedrinking hashtags to them.  Because I’m snarky.  They do make great gifts for my fellow snarks.




So tell me, are you tactical wine drinking?  What concealment method do you use?  Tag us (#tacticalwinedrinking) when you’re out there wining while adventuring.  Oh and…extra points for sunglasses.  Cheers!




Disclaimer: Red Shoes. Red Wine. does not encourage illegal activity…only fun.

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  1. Haha! I love it. Concealing is the key. I have a few special containers for the movies, beaches and passenger-side road sodas. Unfortunately they don’t taste as good as glass. Luckily in Napa Valley, no one judges 😉
    Cheers… the Wine Ho! http://thewineho.net

    1. Sheila says: Reply

      Excellent! I feel like you and I should hang out. Cheers!

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