Spring Equinox in Spain + JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

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I am a spring baby. My birthday, March 21st, coincides with spring equinox (give or take a day), marking that moment when the durations of day and night are equal. In most cultures, this also marks the beginning of spring. Winter is finally over, and vacationing to beautiful destinations is eminent. This year for my birthday, we traveled to Barcelona to embark on a Mediterranean cruise and to celebrate the passing of my 30s.


Last month I was contacted by a representative from JORD Wood Watches to review their men’s Conway Series. My husband, ever the supportive and patient partner-in-crime, volunteered to wear the watch for Red Shoes. Red Wine. and provide his honest, unbiased, and dare I say “picky,” opinion of the product. So we brought the Conway watch to Barcelona with us so he can test the watch’s ability (and durability) to keep up with our active lifestyle.




Our introduction to Barcelona started with a warm welcome at our “home” for six days, Renaissance Barcelona Hotel in the heart of the city, and tapas…so many tapas! We immediately took a Food and Wine Tasting Tour with Viator, a walking and tasting tour through the different neighborhoods of Barcelona, led by a local guide. We of course had to tour the Basilica Sagrada de la Familia, including a tower view, followed by a hike up to Park Güell. I love how everything we wanted to see and do in Barcelona was within walking distance of our hotel. We walked over 25 miles in just a few days!


While preparing and packing for this trip, we received Jerome’s JORD Conway In Zebrawood & Dark Sandlewood (JORD Wooden Wrist Watch – Conway Series) in the mail for free. This gorgeous wood watch with a true operating chronograph is lighter than his traditional diver’s watch that he usually wears, so it is already ideal for travel, or rather our style of minimalistic luxury travel. Jerome likes the lightweight, streamlined style of the watch. The face is easy to read and the chronograph is simple to operate. The wood band is very comfortable compared to a metal bracelet.




In addition to touring Barcelona on foot, we also scheduled a couple day trips with Viator. On one tour, we visited Montserrat, including the Monastery’s basilica, and Cava wine country where we toured the winery and cellars of Codorníu in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia. In another tour, we visited three countries in one day, including the small villages of Bagà in Spain, Ax Les Therms in France, and the capital of Andorra. Two wonderful days spent in the countryside and mountains were a lovely contrast to the exciting city of Barcelona.


After wearing the Conway during our time in Barcelona and surrounding areas, Jerome likes that it doesn’t get cold in the morning, so there is no initial shock of a temperature difference when putting on the watch. Also, he likes that it lacks the sharper edge of metal bracelets, and that it doesn’t pinch the skin or pull on arm hair. Overall, he really likes the style, comfort, and practicality of the Conway.




This is just a quick recap of our visit to Barcelona before our Mediterranean cruise. When we return, I’ll have much, much, much more to share!


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  1. Bridget says:

    Great photos and thanks for the giveaway!!!

    1. Sheila says:

      Thanks Bridget!

  2. Barcelona looks amazing. You have some fantastic shots. The watch has a lovely design, and I like that it doesn’t pinch or pull on your arm hairs. I had to stop wearing watches because I kept breaking out in a rash from the material, but I think I would have a better time with this one. Great post.

    1. Sheila says:

      Thank you Erin! The arm hair struggle is real!

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