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To purchase a corkscrew, send an email to and I will send a PayPal invoice to you within 24 hours for $10.00 plus the cost of USPS shipping (varies by zip code, but shipping one corkscrew from Houston to Omaha for example is ~$3) and will be shipped the following business day.  Please include quantity desired and shipping zip code when emailing.  Thank you in advance for supporting Red Shoes. Red Wine. and happy traveling!



Read about How I Pack My VinGardeValise Wine Suitcase

I’ve had the VinGardeValise wine suitcases on my wishlist for a very long time.  I regret not buying one before our trip to Tuscany.  And I really regret not buying it before our trip to Cava country in Spain.  So when we got home from Spain in April, I ordered the VinGardeValise Petite wine suitcase (holds 8 bottles).  I will not miss an opportunity to bring wine home from our travels again.  Read more…



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