Sewing 18th Century Jackets

What do you do when your dogs chew through the center of your favorite Pottery Barn duvet cover that just so happens to be Indienne, a fabric pattern popular between 17th and 19th centuries?  Cut it up and make it into 18th century clothing, duh!  Determined to expand my 18th century wardrobe with available materials and my mediocre sewing skills, I grabbed my JP Ryan 18th century ladies jacket pattern and never looked back.



The first jacket I made with the pattern was for my Claire costume from Outlander (Season 1), but it’s wool and pretty much too hot for Houston weather unless we have a rare cold front.  The duvet cover is was a nice light linen and should be breathable enough for our heat (if not for necessary undergarment layers).  It was certainly worth a try!  For this jacket, I cut JP Ryan’s full length view B without any modifications from the pattern.  I made it so quickly, I have no pictures of its assembly after cutting!



I like that there is some brown in the pattern, so it can be worn with my original brown Claire skirt, and may even match the taupe knitted cowl as well.  I did want warmer weather options though, so I purchased grey linen suiting and made a proper petticoat.



The great part about this fun pattern is the stomacher options (not to mention stomachers take only about half hour a piece to make), so I tried the jacket with grey, matching Indienne, cream (not pictured), and taupe (not pictured).  Do you think I need a vermilion or coral stomacher as well?  Because I can be talked into that!



The ability to dress the jacket up or down with a hat or jewelry is nice as well.  I think Hamilton & Young’s Outlander inspired pearls look lovely with the jacket.  I feel like Claire would have worn Jamie’s mother’s pearls at a fancy Cross Creek function (but not a bonnet…never a bonnet).



Although I made the duvet/Indienne jacket for warmer Texas weather, it traveled with me to North Carolina where I tried everything on and enjoyed the cool mountain air as I imagined Claire Fraser would when she and Jamie reached the Americas (come on, Season 4!).  Maybe not in Houston summers, but in North Carolina I was quite comfortable!



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Coming soon…the rest of the 18th century clothing items made with the fated duvet cover, including hat trim.  Check back here for links!