Personalized Coffee Mugs for My Office Mates

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I got a Cricut Explore Air (Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine) machine for Halloween this year.  Yes, gift giving at Halloween is a thing, particularly if you’re crafty and don’t want to wait until Christmas for fun splurges.  Maybe I’m late to the vinyl/paper/foam/everything cutting game, but I’ll catch up!  To test the machine (read: play around), I cut snarky vinyl expressions, put them on coffee cups for my favorite coworkers, and wrapped them up for Christmas.  Here are some of my creations:



“Getting Shit Done” for that go-to guy that does the work of three people.  Seriously, he runs circles around me.



“Don’t touch my things” for that girl who’s an extreme germophobe and knows it.  Seriously, don’t touch her things.



“Shut up.” for that guy always wearing noise cancelling earphones.  Well…the rest of us are rather loud.



“I’M NOT YELLING!” for that girl who missed her calling as a drill sergeant.  Her “inside voice” makes me giggle.



“Better than you.” for that guy who does it all, has it all, and wants you to know it.  It’s quite endearing because he has the best sense of humor about it.



And “male tears” for that girl who chews up men and spits them out.  Us married women live vicariously through her.



These two modeled their “get along cups” for me.



This one will definitely wash her cup before she uses it.



And this one…well…just watch her slay.