Lost Maples Trip Report: Backpacking or Wine Tasting? Both! (Part 2)

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What do you do when life hands you lemons?  Go drink wine.  So when we woke up to thunderstorms after backpack camping, we realized our 8-mile day hike that we had planned for that day was not going to happen.  As serendipity sometimes happens, Lost Maples State Natural Area is less than 3 miles from Lost Maples Winery at Polvadeau Vineyards.  Are you surprised?  Come on, I’m like a bloodhound when it comes to wineries.  If they exist within a 20 mile radius of me, I can feel it.  So we collectively decided to wait out the thunderstorm at the winery.




This gorgeous property is in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by limestone bluffs and lush greenery.  Lost Maples Winery makes wine from Texas and California, but Polvadeau Vineyards grows Lenoir (Black Spanish) grapes.  Lenoir loves the Texas Hill Country climate, so you can see the vines look right at home.





Lost Maples has a warm, friendly tasting room.  We were greeted and attended by none other than the cheerful owner, Tom Slaughter himself.  He was such a delight to talk to, we almost forgot we were supposed to be hiking that day.  We tasted some award winning wines including Vin Rouge, Nouveau Excel, Nouveau, Expression, Vin Blanc, Symphonique, Vin Obsession, and Vin Tresor.








We came home with Polvadeau Vin Tresor Symphony Frizzante and Polvadeau Vin Nouveau Excel.




What a lovely visit!  If ever I’m back in the area again, or if you’re planning a trip to Lost Maples State Natural Area, Lost Maples Winery is a MUST!

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  1. Jessidee Valdes says:

    It turned out to be a great weekend even if we got rained out, but you are right the impromptu wine tasting was wonderful 🙂

    1. Sheila says:

      It all just worked out like that was the original plan! And I’m so glad you went too 🙂

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