King’s Biergarten Does Kolaches

Have you ever seen the sunrise over King’s Biergarten in Pearland, Texas?  If not, then you haven’t tried their kolaches, and you’re seriously missing out.  King’s Biergarten doesn’t have kolaches on their menu (yet) but they serve them at pop ups from time to time, possibly ramping up to their Bierhaus grand opening coming to Houston Heights in 2017.  With the next pop up happening this Saturday, October 29th at 8 am, I thought I’d give you a recap and review of the last pop up.




We arrived at King’s Biergarten about an hour before they opened the pop up at 8 am.  So yes, at 7 am we saw the sunrise.  Sunrises make me hungry.  While waiting in line, we were given a menu so that we could plan our attack.  To-go orders can be made, but we dined in the restaurant so we could enjoy the kolaches fresh and with beer and mimosas.  Never mind that it was 8 am.  I’m an adult and I do what I want!




We ordered one of each (pictured below listed in order clockwise from top left):

  • German Bratwurst – classic, very tasty
  • 3 Cheese, Smoked Polish – classic, bursting with flavor
  • 3 Cheese, Smoked Polish, Fresh Jalapeno – this is Texas, and this fusion is excellent
  • Wild Boar, Blueberries, Merlot, Brie Cheese – you had me at wild boar and merlot
  • Apple Strudel Kolache – YES, excellent pair with mimosa
  • Reuben Sandwich Kolache w. Homemade Thousand Island – OH MY GOD




Everything was DELICIOUS!  Seriously worth the drive, the wait, and the sleep sacrifice.  The standout, kick me in the face wonderful favorite was the Reuben Sandwich Kolache.  I have daydreams about that one.


So, will I see you there this Saturday?