I’ve Run Everywhere, Man: Vacation Running

I would’ve never considered running on vacation…but gelato happens, so I suppose one must find a balance.  I’ve been a runner for about two years.  Even though I love my city (Houston), I travel as much as possible.  Staying trained for races is what led me to run that one time in London, which opened up a whole new world to me.  Here’s an odd travel tip: if you want to feel like a local AND sight-see a destination at about 5 miles per hour…RUN.  Sight-seeing before the sight-seers even wake up is blissfully secluded.



As I said, I ran on vacation for the first time in London, England.  I was staying the night in the heart of the city before a British Isles cruise and decided to do a short run to Buckingham Palace that morning before heading to the port.  It was chilly and secluded and bliss.  Bliss!  Yeah, running was bliss!  I felt like I discovered some secret and it felt good!  So without showering or changing (sorry, other people on the shuttle to the port) I went on a second run that same day…



Since our shuttle included a stop at Stonehenge on the way to the port in Southampton from London, I went for a run from the visitor’s center to the sacred stones.  I was HOOKED!!



Running in Paris, France was probably my favorite city to sight-see at 5 miles per hour.  Staying at a hotel near the Louvre was ideal for running past attractions such as Pont Neuf, Gare du Musee d’Orsay, Place de la Concorde, Palais Royal and Musee du Louvre.



Coming in a close second was probably Amsterdam in the Netherlands!  I wound my way through so many canals and over many uneven brick roads, past numerous leaning buildings, and dodged an alarming number of bikes!



Brussels, Belgium was a lovely run as well, and I especially enjoyed running through Grand Place and Galeries St. Hubert with its arched glass ceiling before any of the stores opened.



Before an Alaskan cruise, I ran along the waterfront from our hotel to Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, and was pleasantly surprised it didn’t rain.



While on the Alaskan cruise and after a half-day excursion tour to a sled dog summer training camp, I took a short run from the cruise port to downtown Skagway, Alaska.  I loved seeing the ships and old Victorian homes in the town during my run.



While in California for Taste of Solvang wine festival, I did a short run in Buellton, California to MAYBE offset some of the rich food and wine calories I would be consuming that weekend.  I don’t think I ran enough for that though…



While in Atlanta, Georgia for DragonCon, I ran with the fitness group that I belong to (300dc Spartans) around downtown Atlanta.  But…not in costume.  Ideally I’d love to have worn the T. Rex suit but have you ever been to Atlanta?  Its HOT!!!



While in Miami, Florida before a Caribbean cruise, I ran (read: sweat my ass off) along the boardwalk in South Beach.  Gorgeous views, very very hot and humid!



I do cruise a lot, so one of the things I started doing is running on the ship’s track.  Yes, most ships have tracks, and they are there for a reason.  My chilliest and wettest ship run was off the western coast of Scotland between Glasgow and Kirkwall…but how cool is that?!



Almost as chilly was a short ship run on the way to Victoria, British Colombia from Skagway, Alaska somewhere around the Canada and United States border in the Strait of Juan de Fuca during an Alaskan cruise.



And on several occasions during Caribbean cruises, I ran somewhere in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico on the way to, or from, Galveston to the Caribbean.  Hot but lovely.



I wouldn’t be a true travelling Texan worth her salt if I hadn’t graced this great state with a touristy run or two.  So I’ve run around the Riverwalk in San Antonio at the crack of dawn.  Not a kid in sight, but many, many ducks.



I’ve also run along Main Street in downtown Fredericksburg during a weekend getaway while in town for wine trails.



When I teach geology twice a year for Texas Parks & Wildlife Becoming an Outdoors Woman, I run wherever our lodge is.  I love Concan, west of San Antonio for its Hill Country charm, and the wildflowers don’t bother me too much.



Also during a teaching weekend in Granbury, a nice morning run was fun but hillier than I’m used to.



Running around the most recent TPWD BOW camp in Burton was flatter, cooler, and well manicured.  And finally, during yet another teaching weekend in Palacios on the coast, I ran along the point and spotted shore birds and early morning fishermen.



So tell me, do you ever run on vacation?  Yes, on purpose…