How to Increase Your T. Rex Suit Awesomeness

A guest blog post by one of my T. Rex wearing friends who wishes to remain anonymous


After a few events in our T. Rex suits, we realized deflation (and slow re-inflation) was an issue with some suits.  Since the suits are one size fits most, they sit differently on everyone.  Some of the wearers have skinnier ankles and wrists than others, some are freakishly tall or freakishly short.  Some get hugged and stepped on more than others.  Also, it is worth noting that the battery life of the single fan is about 3-4 hours.  Well what if we want to dance ALL night?  A simple solution was to install a second fan.  Turbo T. Rexes!  Here’s how it’s done…




Step 1: Purchase additional fan.  I bought mine off eBay (




Step 2:  General items you will need (below).  I didn’t have dark duct tape, so I used the wide black tape before the red, just in case it showed through.  If you have normal duct tap you should be good with that.




Step 3:  General size of hole to cut.




Step 4:  Measure to same spot on opposite side of suit.  Use something to trace hole.  Cut (recommended just a few millimeters smaller).




Step 5:  Use some tape (I used electrical because it is a little more pliable) to wrap the edge of the whole to help prevent tearing.




Step 6:  Tape back side well.  Again, I used two kinds of tape but if you have good duct tape, that should be all you need.




Step 7:  Insert new fan.




Step 8:  Gently trim around edges (if needed) and/or push tap tight against fan body, so that the lock-ring will fit on the next step.




Step 9:  Twist on lock-ring.  If it will not go on without a lot of force go back to step 8.




Step 10:  Admire your work.




Step 11:  Take selfies.




Step 11:  Rock out with confidence that you won’t deflate!




Anonymous, Guest Blogger

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