Flower Crowns: Not Just for Hippies and Hipsters (DIY)

What looks prettier than barrettes and headbands in someone’s hair?  Friggin flowers, that’s what.  Hippies and mountaintop maidens have been donning the look for decades, and it’s about time the rest of us caught on.  I learned how to make flower crowns at a Houston Blogger Union event a few months ago (thank you, Jillian!) and fell in love with the idea of wearing a bouquet on my head.  So my girlfriends and I made flower crowns in the car on the way to Texas Renaissance Festival Oktoberfest this month.  They’re stupid easy to make, and fun to wear!






Making flower crowns is like adult coloring – everyone does it differently, and there’s really no wrong way to do it!  You can use fresh or artificial flowers, coat hangers or headbands, and whatever you have at home to hold it all together.  Here’s my “recipe”:


DIY Flower Crown


  • Flowers (with greenery)
  • Wire (at least 12″ for each crown)
  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutter/pliers
  • Ribbon (optional)


Use pliers to bend a curve into wire, curl edges in.  I prefer a headband look, as opposed to forehead, so I cut the wire to about 12″ and mimic the shape of a headband for my wire.  I also make a loop on the ends and attach 2′ long ribbon to each end (to tie in the back).  Clip flowers/leaves and affix them to the wire with floral tape.  This is where you can, and should, use your artistic license.  Have fun with color combinations, symmetry (or asymmetry), and fullness.  You really can’t mess this up.







Have fun with this!  And let me know where you’ve donned your creations.  Peace!