Introducing eShakti: Dresses with Pockets!

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A more important disclaimer: I am not a fashion blogger.  I’m fashion challenged.  However…I travel a lot and prefer to do so in comfort.  I’m not talking about yoga pants and t-shirts, because you’ll only see me wearing that ensemble at Walmart.  I’m talking about cute maxi dresses (long length so I don’t have to shave, to be honest) with pockets for my phone and boarding pass (or whatever!).  I also prefer to wear maxi dresses to work on casual Fridays as well because I’m just not a fan of jeans.  I almost always look “done up” but I rarely put any real effort into it.



On a recent weekend trip to North Carolina, I wore a couple new maxi dresses I had purchased from eShakti.  This little known online clothing retailer is India based, meaning dresses are custom made to order and take several weeks to come in the mail.  ALL of the dresses come with pockets.  All. Of. Them.   I ordered a standard size 8, included my height, and the dresses were a perfect fit (even with flats!).



So here I am wearing these pretty dresses while walking through airports, flying, hiking, having a picnic by the river, walking through downtown Gatlinburg, tasting wines, and taking pictures.  Was I slightly overdressed?  Probably, but to me it just feels like wearing a nightgown (with pockets!).  I don’t care what people think, honestly.  If I feel comfortable and moderately pretty, that’s all that matters.  Come Sunday when I was waiting on my return flight home, I got online and ordered four more dresses…and joined their affiliate program now that I’m a huge fan and want to share the love.  I’ve dropped the links to my new travel/casual Friday dresses below if you’re in a shopping mood.  Keeping in mind that I’m not a fashion blogger, my photos aren’t professional or polished.  They’re candid photos or selfies with my phone.  A real woman with a real body in unaltered photos.  I digress…



eShakti Women’s Floral Print Dupioni Surplice Maxi Dress $80.95

Prettiest hiking dress ever.  I wore this with red ballet flats and matching earrings, and brought a blue jean jacket for the temperature changes.  Very very very happy with this one.  Someone even asked if I was going to a wedding…I should’ve just said yes.



eShakti Women’s Bold Stripe Crepe Surplice Maxi Dress $76.95

My new favorite flying dress.  Thin but lined, this black and cream striped dress matches my backpack, suitcase, and noise cancelling earphones.  Again, it’s the perfect length for flats and in-flight drinks.



eShakti Women’s Floral Print Crepe Pleated Maxi Dress $70.95

I wore this pretty floral dress to work on a Friday and paired it with white shoes and earrings.  And espresso…lots of espresso…



eShakti Women’s Elastic Waist Chambray Maxi Dress $61.95

I haven’t worn this pullover chambray dress yet but it fits great and I feel like I could dress it up or down depending on what shenanigans I’m about to get into.  Since it’s a light blue jean color, any color cardigan would be a nice pop.



eShakti Women’s Chevron Stripe Colorblock Maxi Dress $84.43

I actually wore this chevron dress to work on a Tuesday.  Shocking, I know!  But I felt like the black and white was appropriate enough for the office during the week, and I paired it with a fuchsia cardigan and black flats.  And more espresso.



eShakti Women’s Feminine Pleated Knit Maxi Dress $65.95

I haven’t worn this odd green dress yet, but I’ll probably save it for a casual friday because the knit feels like a thick t-shirt material.  I will channel my inner Loki when I do wear it, and I’ll be sure to pair it with gold (and I doubt anyone would get the inspiration).



Happy shopping…and happy traveling!


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