Costuming Osgood (or Zygon?) from Doctor Who: Series 9

Families that costume together stay together.  A year ago I costumed Missy from Doctor Who: Series 8 at DragonCon in Atlanta.  My husband wore the Twelfth Doctor, and our darling niece wore Osgood (or Zygon, depending on inhaler use).  Osgood was literally last minute for her.  I had the scarf in my closet, as well as an old lab coat from college, and a couple other pieces that she borrowed to complete the look.  Brittany wears glasses already, so those were legit.  This costume was stupid easy to assemble.




Osgood, being a super-fan of the Doctor, has several looks inspired by the Doctor’s incarnations.  Scarf from the Fourth Doctor, question marks from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Doctors, trainers from the Tenth Doctor, and a bow tie from the Eleventh Doctor.  These items are fairly easy to find on your own.  Well, maybe not the question marks (those probably have to be custom embroidered onto a button up shirt).  And good luck to you if you want to costume the Zygon Osgood in it’s true form.  That’s above my skill level…




For Brittany’s look, we chose the tan shirt, olive pants look:


12′ Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Who scarf from Amazon (don’t be cheap and get the 6′ scarf)

Lab coat


Inhaler (sorry, this item is prescription only)

Any combination of items from the pictures above




So is Brittany human Osgood or Zygon Ozgood?




I mean…she looks human…


Picture 4


“Makes one wonder what the question is.”

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    She looks Zygon….

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