Costuming Mexico City Bond Girl from Spectre

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You know that opening scene from the most recent James Bond film?  You know, the sexy one (okay, they’re all sexy)?  The one where James Bond is walking through Mexico City during Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) wearing that sexy skeleton tuxedo with a sexy bond girl on his arm?  Yes, that one.  What a beautiful scene and a beautiful couple.  There may have been wine involved but I looked at my husband and said “you need to wear that!” …which meant I needed to make it for him.  And duplicate his arm candy for myself.  This blog post contains my build on her costume, specifically.  If you want to see the build on his costume, it can be found here.


Image: screenshots from the film Spectre (2015)


Other than wanting to see my husband wear this (hello!), this one spoke to me on a creative level.  I wanted very much to paint that skeleton tuxedo and I did exactly that!  I painted the tuxedo for him, modified a Mexican dress from the 1970s for me, made a flower crown, and assembled the rest of the accessories from Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon.  We wore these costumes to Comicpalooza in Houston in May (Photos by my super adorable niece, Brittany and at DragonCon in Atlanta earlier this month.  They may also be resurrected for a local Day of the Dead event and/or Halloween.  They’re just so much fun (and comfortable) to wear and very easy to make!  Here’s how I made and assembled the Bond Girl costume:



Mexico City Bond Girl from Spectre: The Dress

I found a purple Mexican Wedding dress from the 1970s on Etsy Vintage that was kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda close.  Ideally, I wanted the color to be close to the Bond Girl’s in the film, and it needed to have lace panels.  In retrospect, I could’ve found one closer in white and then dyed it plum.  But for a party dress or Halloween dress, close is close enough! Besides, no one would be looking at me anyway.  Not with my husband’s stunning skeleton tuxedo right next to me.  To make my dress more like hers in the film, I removed the sleeves and moved up a lace panel to become cap sleeves.  I also removed the ugly ribbon around the neck and waist.  And I shortened the dress by removing the bottom panel under the lace.  Close enough!



Mexico City Bond Girl from Spectre: The Flower Crown

The flower headband was the fun part, since deep down, I’m still a hot gluer at heart.  I assembled a black satin headband, felt and silk flowers, black netting, black rooster feathers, and black ribbon.  And then I just cut/glued/copied what I saw on screen until mine looked like hers in the film.



Mexico City Bond Girl from Spectre: Accessories



Anna of Darkstar Photography and Costuming snapped these photos of us at DragonCon.  More of her photography and costuming can be found on her Facebook page.



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