Chocolate: The Perfect Garnish

I’d like to go back in time and thank whoever discovered chocolate.  It goes with everything!  Inspired by Pinterest and my dearest crafty friend, Joanna (Chowda), I started dipping glasses in various types of chocolate to pair with wine and cordials.  Preparation is surprisingly simple, whether you’re planning a party or just a night at home in front of the TV.


For a glass or two, I use a souffle ramekin. It’s the perfect size!


Step 1: heat chocolate in a flat bottomed bowl or pot

Step 2: invert wine glass (or cordial glass, shot glass, etc.) evenly to coat the rim with chocolate

Step 2.5 (optional): add sprinkles using the method in Step 2

Step 3: stand upright and allow to cool



  • Do not overheat chocolate
  • For a glass or two, heat an ounce or two of chocolate in microwave 30 seconds at a time and stir with a fork between heating
  • For parties, heat entire package of chocolate in a double broiler on low heat and stir with a fork or whisk
  • Sprinkles are ridiculous but very fun and pretty


Top: Penfolds Shiraz Cabernet with dark chocolate (and cookies & cream sprinkles)      Bottom: Graham Beck Brut Rose with white chocolate (and rainbow sprinkles)


While preparing the Chocolate and Wine Pairing Made Simple post, it occurred to me that chocolate pairs well with beverages other than wine.  Sherry, port, and ice wine all pair very well with chocolate, as do Limoncello and Scotch Whisky!


Left: Messina Hof Solera Texas Sherry with raspberry dark chocolate      Center: Lemonel Limoncello with limoncello dark chocolate      Right: The Balvenie 12 year with orange peel dark chocolate


Have fun with this!  Experiment with pairings and cocktails, and let me know how it turns out.  Cheers!