Chic Dinosaur Planter (DIY)

I impulse shop, often.  But I wasn’t about to pay $30 for a majestic golden dinosaur planter at my local specialty food store.  I recreated the look for about $10 instead.




This was stupid easy.  I bought a rubber dinosaur (about the length of my hand) at a craft store.  I made sure to buy one with a thick back since a quarter coin sized hole needed to be drilled into it.




A dremel tool carved out the hold in less that 5 minutes (thank you, husband).




I have a stock of spray paint in the garage, so this step didn’t add to the cost.  I used a metallic paint & primer in gold.  I sprayed one side, had a glass of wine while watching the paint dry, the sprayed the other side.  Yes, the wine was a critical step in the process.




After drying, I assembled some pea gravel, a Tillandsia air plant from Lowes (~$5), and my newly painted gilded dinosaur.  Tillandsia air plants do not require watering, just a light spraying once in a while.  I plan to keep this guy in the master bathroom where he will thrive in the humidity of daily showering.  If you choose to go with a different species of plant, consider hole size, drainability, and maybe a little dirt.




The final product!