Champagne Jell-O Shots: Pomegranate Moscato Spumante

As much as I try to avoid things overly girly (or mature), I’m still a sucker for sparkles, pink, sweets, and fun food.  Champagne Jell-O Shots can encompass all those things depending on recipe, which there are many on Pinterest.  So I conducted a bit of a science experiment in my kitchen and played with different amounts of gelatin, sparkling wine, and mixers.  Luckily my husband and friends are as adventurous and immature as I am, so when we had a small gathering for New Year’s Eve, we served Sidecar Cocktail Champagne Jell-O Shots (recipe here) and Pomegranate Moscato Spumante Champagne Jello-O Shots.  Here’s my recipe for the Pomegranate Moscato Spumante Champagne Jell-O Shots:



Pomegranate Moscato Spumante Champagne Jell-O Shots

8 oz sweet sparkling wine (I recommend sparkling moscato)
8 oz flavored sparkling water (I recommend pomegranate Sanpellegrino)
4 tbsp powdered gelatin

Heat (but not boil) sparking wine in a small saucepan, add gelatin, stir until dissolved.  Remove from heat, allow to cool.  Add sparkling water to sparkling wine/gelatin mix.  Pour into champagne flute glasses* and chill overnight.  *Optional garnish with white chocolate and sprinkles.  Eat with a spoon like the grown up you are.

Yields: About 6 not-for-the-faint-of-heart party goers (about 2.5 oz each)

Note: This recipe was inspired by Pinterest.