• Costuming
  • Sewing 18th Century Pockets

    When I made my Claire from Outlander (Season 1) costume last year, I didn’t include pockets in the skirt.  Pockets make every outfit magical, from 18th century on.  So rather than adding the pockets in the skirt I so desperately coveted, I decided to make a set of traditional 18th century pockets that could be […]

  • DIY
  • Quilting Outside the Box

    After learning how to quilt with a simple, yet chaotic pattern, I wanted to experiment with scrap quilting.  Is it silly to purchase perfectly good fabric, cut it up, and sew it back together?  From that perspective, yes, it is silly.  But quilting is a therapeutic hobby and an art that I’ll probably never master. […]

  • DIY
  • Quilting: the Final Frontier

    What new hobby does one learn when working full time, making costumes for fun, DIY around the house, and travelling like a rock star?  Oh I know: quilting.  Said no one…except me!  I knew it would be a huge undertaking, even for the smallest of baby quilts.  Thankfully I have a friend who sews like […]