• Costuming
  • Sewing 18th Century Stays

    As I work my way through salvaging a dog damaged duvet cover, subsequently building a small 18th century wardrobe with it, I️ had enough scrappy pieces to make a set of 18th century stays.  I just LOVE this Indienne pattern.     I used to wear an underbust corset underneath the jacket of my Claire costume […]

  • Costuming
  • Sewing 18th Century Jackets

    What do you do when your dogs chew through the center of your favorite Pottery Barn duvet cover that just so happens to be Indienne, a fabric pattern popular between 17th and 19th centuries?  Cut it up and make it into 18th century clothing, duh!  Determined to expand my 18th century wardrobe with available materials and my […]

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  • Outlander Inspired Druid Lanterns (DIY)

    Since that first mesmerizing episode of Outlander with the dancing druids performing their celestial ritual, I have wanted to duplicate this casual costume.  I almost always costume Claire, but this is a nice alternative for hot weather.  While the garment is basically an off-white nightgown or 18th century chemise (I used this lady’s guide to create […]

  • Costuming
  • Sewing 18th Century Petticoats

    My first 18th century skirt (note: not a proper petticoat) was made for my Claire costume from Outlander (Season 1).  I didn’t have a pattern or much skill/knowledge, so I bought 9 yards of heavy upholstery fabric and manually box pleated the hell out of it.  Wishing I had pocket slits, I went back about a […]

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  • Ghosts of Costumes Past: DragonCon 2015

    Every year during Labor Day weekend, I attend DragonCon in Atlanta, one of the largest pop culture conventions in the United States.  While it’s not the largest and the most widely known, it is my version of a costuming Super Bowl.  So as DragonCon approaches and I take a teeny tiny break from the frantic scramble to finish costumes and props, […]