Carnival Cruise Line’s Warm Chocolate Melting Cake Recipe

Carnival Cruise Line’s Warm Chocolate Melting Cake is the most famous culinary item that Carnival cruisers rave about.  I cannot adequately describe the taste, other than if “death by chocolate” is the way you want to go, this is it.  This dessert needs to be ordered before you finish your main dish because the preparation time is quite long.  It is served in a souffle dish with a side of vanilla ice cream.  Some order it every night at dinner (I envy you), some will wait for “formal night” to indulge (that’s me), and a rare few have never even heard of it (seriously, where have you been?).  If you’re a fan like me, you might want to try this at home.



During my recent Caribbean cruise out of Galveston on Carnival Valor in February, I was able to attend Chef’s Table with 13 other lucky diners (read about our experience with Chef’s Table here).  During our tour of the galley kitchen, Master Executive Chef Rakesh Pavithran shared with us the recipe for their famous Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.  Did you know that Carnival publishes a few popular recipes on their website, including this Warm Chocolate Melting Cake?  They do!  But what they don’t share on their website is the delicate preparation instructions, which are more important than the ingredients themselves!



Here’s what you’ll find on Carnival’s website:


Warm Chocolate Melting Cake


  • 1 pound Dark Chocolate
  • 1 pound Butter
  • 10 Eggs
  • 10 ounces Sugar
  • 6 ounces Flour


  • Melt the chocolate and butter. Mix the eggs with the sugar and whisk for a few minutes; add the flour. Combine the egg mixture with the melted chocolate and mix. Then pour into individual greased molds. Bake directly in the oven at 400°F for 14 minutes.
  • Sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar and garnish with fresh fruit. Serve warm with ice cream.
  • Serves 12



And here’s what Chef Rakesh advised:


It is recommended to use unsalted butter and semi-sweet chocolate.  Let butter and eggs warm to room temperature (put butter in a dish on top of the oven to gradually melt it).  Use a double broiler to melt chocolate.  Separate yolks from half of the eggs in the recipe (5 in this case), discard albumen (the clear stuff) from those eggs.  Break yolks, gently add in remaining eggs, whisking gently until mixed.  Add granulated white sugar, whisk, gently fold in flour (don’t over fold/mix, because lumpy is okay), add melted butter.  With a baking spatula, mix around the bowl from around the edges in.  Add melted chocolate and whisk.  Pour mixture into ceramic souffle dishes and place in a water bath (see prep picture above) until ready to bake.  Bake 14-18 minutes at 400°F (center should be gooey with sides firm).  Remove from oven and rest on counter.  It will be ready to serve when the souffle dish feels like a hot chocolate cup that you’re able to handle.  Chef Rakesh also recommends serving with cheap vanilla ice cream as to not overwhelmed the palate, but rather cleanse palate between bites.



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand enjoy!  Have you tried this or will you attempt to make this at home?  Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Charline says:

    Thank you for the rest of the recipe! I haven’t tried to make this as yet but will soon. I went on my FIRST cruise in April 20017 on Carnival Miricle. That was the first time to try this wonder. Needless to say, I had it several more times that week.

    1. Sheila says:

      It’s addicting, isn’t it? Glad you enjoyed! Let me know how yours turns out at home!

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