Camera Strap Cover (DIY)

Off the rack camera straps are so last year.  When I got a new camera and couldn’t find a Coach or Vera Bradley strap cover for the Nikon, I was inspired by Pinterest to make my own moderately fashionable camera strap cover.  I have plenty of scrap fabrics from previous projects (GoT dress and dog Derby costume), and learned from a recent sewing circle that you can make your own patterns with parchment paper.  So making a camera strap cover is the same as making a long skinny pillow case with two open ends.  Really, it’s that easy.




Supplies needed:

Parchment paper


Felt (for padding)




Luckily the only math involved was multiplying the width of the strap by 4 for the width of the pattern, and adding 1.5 to each side of the length of the pattern.  This was plenty of material for folding, padding, and a 5/8″ seam allowance all around.




Yes, I used leftover scraps from an old curtain-turned-costume.




After the cut/pin/cut.




I can use this pattern again for different colors (to match every outfit, duh) so I wrote what it was and what I did on the parchment paper, then tucked it away in the pattern box.




I used a 5/8″ seam allowance for each side and along the length.




I cut the extra material from the inside, then used the handle of a dinner knife to help turn the camera strap cover inside-out.




The cover was just wide enough and had just enough overlap on the edges that it wasn’t difficult to lead the strap through the cover.




Grandma tip: a large safety pin helps lead the strap through the cover








And Amelia approved!