Bluebonnet Wine Trail in a Day

Sadly, we live too far from wine country.  But for a quick fix, we are within a short drive to seven wineries north of Houston.  The Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, with its seven participating wineries, host several events throughout the year.  This past weekend was Wine and Chocolate Trail, where participants had two weekends to visit all seven wineries and taste two wines paired with a chocolate treat at each location.  Which is why we chose to spend Valentine’s Day on the wine trail rather than waste time and money at an overcrowded restaurant.  This was also a good opportunity to take our new puppy, Amelia on her first field trip.  We couldn’t get a babysitter that day so she came along.  With my busy schedule and the drive it takes to get there, I saw it as a personal challenge to complete this “mission” in one day.  With a short business hours window and 2:37 minutes driving between wineries, we allotted about 30 minutes (average) at each winery.  Had we not been frequent winery guests to this region of Texas, we would not have rushed.  Therefore I would recommend any first timer to take their time at each winery, and spread it out over two days.




Saddlehorn Winery

What we thought of the winery: has a “ranch” feel, spacious property and tasting room, gorgeous countertops, Texas (barn) themed, super friendly staff, excellent wines, dog friendly on the patio

What we tasted: Blanc du Bois (Semi) and Merlot

What chocolate delight: it was too early for chocolate (but not wine, don’t judge me)

What we brought home: Blanc du Bois




Pleasant Hill Winery

What we thought of the winery: felt like being welcomed into someone’s home, cute, dog friendly on the patio

What we tasted: Tawny Rosso Forte (Dessert Wine) and Sangiovese

What chocolate delight: brownie bites, strawberries with tawny rosso chocolate syrup

What we brought home: Collina Bianca





Windy Winery

What we thought of the winery: the gentleman behind the counter was very sweet, winery is small but expanding, not dog friendly

What we tasted: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

What chocolate delight: chocolate mini cupcake with cream cheese icing




Peach Creek Vineyards

What we thought of the winery: friendly staff, packed house but efficiently hospitable, dog friendly on patio, goats!

What we tasted: Rudy’s Red, Starry Night, Red Rooster

What chocolate delight: chicken mole on rice (SO good!)

What we brought home: Red Rooster






Messina Hof Winery and Resort

What we thought of the winery: absolute favorite in this area (join their wine club!), gorgeous property with multi-use facilities (bed & breakfast and restaurant), small lake and trail around vineyard, stellar wines, dog friendly on patio (Amelia made many friends thanks to the kind staff)

What we tasted: Chenin Blanc, Papa Paulo Port (Private Reserve)

What chocolate delight: a chocolate fountain with an assortment of goodies to dip

What we brought home: Chenin Blanc and Sparkling Almond




Bernhardt Winery

What we thought of the winery: beautiful property, spacious and expanding, best lawn for enjoying a bottle under the trees, very welcoming and accommodating, dog friendly on the lawn

What we tasted: Cabernet Sauvignon, Valentine, Port Reserve

What chocolate delight: death by chocolate parfait (yum!) and chocolate bon-bons

What we brought home: Blanc du Bois





We didn’t quite make it to Cork This! Winery before they closed, but we had been there before and really enjoyed the boutique winery.  Amelia had a great time, was able to socialize with people and other dogs, and enhanced our experience that day.  Until next time…cheers! (and woof!)




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  1. Great post Sheila! We have been to a few of these, but some we hadn’t so really appreciate the review. ?

    1. Sheila says:

      Thank you, Annette! Have a great day and cheers!

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