Alaskan Cruise: Skagway Part 2 (City Highlights)

Continued from Skagway Sled Dog Experience


After our morning kissing puppies during our Musher’s Camp & Sled Dog Experience excursion up the road from Skagway in Dyea during our Alaskan cruise on Ruby Princess last summer, we returned to the ship to change, grab a city guide and drop off our coats (it was heating up).  I went for a short run from the port to downtown Skagway (read about vacation running here), and my husband met me in town for our self guided walking tour of Skagway.



We used the self guided walking tour guide from and enjoyed attractions such as the White Pass and Yukon Railroad Depot, Red Onion Saloon, and other Victorian era gold rush buildings and homes that had been restored and protected.



Walking at our pace, we saw all 23 stops on the tour in about an hour.  Everything was within about a mile round trip.  Thanks,!



We also walked around on our own and spotted totem poles along one of the side streets.



Being an old mining town and current tourist destination, we found two sets of train tracks with some old train relics by City Hall.



On the north side of town we walked by many Victorian homes and buildings, but didn’t linger long because they are current residences.  Back in busier part of town, we did a little bit of shopping, and enjoyed finding flowers that we don’t see at home in Texas.



As the rain came in, it was time for the ship to leave port.  So we waved goodbye to Skagway, Alaska.  What a wonderful day in a beautiful town!



Up next: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada