Alaskan Cruise: Skagway Part 1 (Sled Dog Experience)

Continued from Ketchikan


The last Alaskan stop on our Alaskan Cruise on Ruby Princess last summer was in Skagway, a beautiful gold rush mining town turned top summer destination that sits on the mouth of a river surrounded by mountains. The port is picturesque and dominated by cruise ships and trains.



Our excursion was Musher’s Camp & Sled Dog Experience up the road from Skagway in Dyea. Come on, sled dogs and puppies?! I’m in!



We were taken to the sled dog summer camp to meet the athletes and took a very, and I mean VERY energetic sled ride pulled by these verbal Alaskan huskies. It was pretty evident that pulling sleds was their favorite thing in the world. On mandatory breaks in between rides (to keep them from overheating), they’d get so hyper and noisy, and then off we went at puppersonic speed around the bends!



After they had their zoomies, we were able to hop out of the sled and give them all praise and wet kisses, which they loved!



Who’s a good buddy?!



We then took a huge truck tour through the forest up to a lookout at the camp where we could see the Dyea flats and our ship docked at port.



Pictures don’t do it justice, but I spliced together a panorama of the flats and port.



Back at the camp, we met young mothers and future Iditarod hopefuls in training.



So of course…more wet kisses and waggy tails! At this point I smelled like working dog and dirty puppy but I was in heaven!



Puppy breath…probably the most intoxicating smell on the planet. I would have very much enjoyed taking one of these puppers home with me.



I loved loved loved this excursion! Our tour was only a couple hours, so we had the rest of the day to explore Skagway. Check back for city highlights!



Up next: Skagway City Highlights